courtney_080_small“Teaching is a near sacred duty”  John Mack

Dr. Courtney Miller currently teaches oboe at the University of Iowa. She has been fortunate to study with several of the foremost musicians and pedagogues in the field, such as John Ferrillo, John Mack, Eric Ohlsson and Eric Olson. Teaching is very dear to her heart and she considers it immensely important to share her knowledge and passion for music with the next generation.  Dr. Miller previously taught at Boston College, the New England Conservatory Preparatory Department, Ashland University, Baldwin Wallace Conservatory Outreach Department, Cleveland Institute of Music Preparatory Department, Western Reserve Academy.

Dr. Miller’s students reap the benefit of her diverse, detailed and thorough studies.  Topics covered in lessons range from oboe fundamentals, such as tone production, vibrato, embouchure, breathing and reed-making, to larger musical concepts, such as phrasing, articulation, and exploration of historical and theoretical context.  She has over a decade of experience teaching students ages 8-54 and customizes the lessons to meet each student’s learning style.

Dr. Miller is currently accepting new students.  Please contact her to arrange private lessons!